Keep payment transactions safe and halal.Shield for your e-commerce business from fraudsters.

PayHalal what is it really?

PayHalal Payment gateway safety features are crucial for secure electronic transactions. Authentication security, data encryption, and fraud detection are important safety features in payment gateways. PayHalal as a licensed merchant acquirer provides Industry standards for security compliance by payment gateways.

PayHalal payment gateway provides with strong safety features in authentication security, data encryption, fraud detection, and compliance with industry standards can help merchants choose carefully.

Merchants must prioritize payment gateway safety features to ensure secure electronic transactions.

PayHalal offers Islamic payment processing and payment gateway solutions that comply with Shariah laws and principles. This means that the payment methods used on their platform are halal and comply with Islamic financial principles.

PayHalal offers a comprehensive range of payment gateway products including Internet Payment Gateway, Universal QR Payment, Recurring/Subscription Payments, Islamic Buy Now Pay later Merchant Scheme and various other payment solutions. These products are crucial for merchants as they provide secure and convenient payment options to their customers. PayHalal’s payment gateway also supports cross-border payments, bulk payments, B2B remittances, and zakat and waqaf payments, making it a versatile platform for businesses of all sizes. The other advantages of signing up for PayHalal is the hyperpersonalisation services that’s available to key merchants.

Transparent Riba/Gharar free transaction fees and rates are the charges for processing payment transactions through the PayHalal payment gateway, which does not involve any hidden fees related to riba (interest) or gharar (uncertainty). It means that the fees and rates are openly communicated and do not include any elements of interest or uncertainty, in compliance with Islamic financial principles.

PayHalal provides a plug and pay API integration for all payment methods and shopping carts, including popular ones like WooCommerce, Magento, and OpenCart, to simplify the checkout process for both merchants and Muslim customers. By integrating with these carts, PayHalal ensures that the entire payment process is Shariah-compliant, enabling customers to make purchases with ease while adhering to their religious principles.

PayHalal provides professional customer support to assist with technical issues, Shariah advisory, and dispute resolution, ensuring a prompt resolution of issues that may arise during payment transactions. Their customer support team is well-equipped to handle any inquiries that customers may have, providing technical assistance, compliance advice, and dispute resolution services to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

In summary, PayHalal / Souqa Fintech is a licensed merchant acquirer that provides payment gateway services that allows for secure and halal transactions. PayHalal ensures that all transactions are secure with its security measures and is Shariah compliant, making it a reliable option for halal transactions. The convenience and security offered by PayHalal make it an attractive choice for both businesses and customers. We highly recommend using PayHalal for your transactions given its reliability and security. For more information email

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PayHalal Islamic Payment Gateway

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