PayHalal reduces your shopping cart abandonment by 88.7%

PAYHALAL Verified Merchant trust seals reduces shopper anxiety and increases sales

PayHalal is a payment gateway that is designed to serve the needs of Muslim customers who prefer to shop online in a way that is compliant with their religious beliefs. PayHalal provides a convenient and reliable method for conducting transactions in accordance with Shariah principles, which can benefit e-commerce businesses by boosting sales, customer loyalty, and satisfaction.

One of the biggest challenges that e-commerce stores face is shopping cart abandonment, where the customer chooses to leave the checkout process without completing the purchase. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including concerns about payment security, unexpected fees or charges, or a lack of payment options.

PayHalal helps to mitigate these issues by offering a trusted and reliable payment solution that is tailored to the needs of Muslim customers. By providing a streamlined and hassle-free payment experience, Absolutely! PayHalal’s “pay now” button is strategically placed before or during the checkout process to encourage customers to complete their purchases without any hesitation. By offering a simple and convenient payment option, PayHalal can reduce the number of steps required to complete a transaction, making it easier for customers to finalize their purchase.

Additionally, the “pay now” button also serves as a reminder for customers who may have abandoned their shopping cart. With just one click, customers can quickly complete their purchase without having to revisit their shopping cart, which can reduce the likelihood of cart abandonment and increase sales.

Overall, PayHalal’s “pay now” button is a game-changer for e-commerce stores, helping them to boost their sales conversions and reduce cart abandonment, ultimately leading to increased revenue and growth opportunities.

PAYHALAL Verified Merchant Trust seals can help reduce shopper anxiety and improve confidence, when merchants brands display security or trust information during the checkout process it provides your customers added surety that your store is halal and shariah compliant . Yes, displaying PayHalal’s Verified trust seals on your e-commerce store can increase your sales by instilling trust and confidence in your customers. These trust seals act as a visual representation of PayHalal’s commitment to providing a secure and Shariah-compliant payment experience, which can help to put your customers’ worries at ease and encourage them to complete their purchase.

Customers are often wary of online transactions and may be hesitant to provide their personal or financial information. By prominently featuring PayHalal’s Verified trust seals on your e-commerce store, you can show customers that you take their security and privacy seriously and have partnered with a trusted payment gateway. Boost sales for your e-commerce store by displaying PayHalal’s Verified trust seals.

31% of online Muslim shoppers preferred PayHalal as a payment option

To satisfy the various payment preferences of Muslim shoppers, it’s crucial to provide multiple options, such as credit cards, debit cards, online banking, e-wallets, and Buy Now Pay Later. In a recent study, 31% of online Muslim shoppers preferred PayHalal as a payment option. Offering a range of payment choices can build trust and improve customer satisfaction while reducing cart abandonment. Muslim customers complete transactions with PayHalal 88.7% of the time, and its checkout conversion rates excel at 60% compared to other digital wallets and 82% versus other payment types. PayHalal’s Shariah Payment Buttons feature presents relevant, Shariah-compliant payment types, making purchases easy and aligned with Muslim faith.

Halal firsts

It’s essential to prioritize the Muslim customer’s experience when selling products online and implementing the recommendations mentioned above. Muslim customers seek halal goods and services that are compliant, smooth, streamlined, and free of Riba and Gharar. Lowering cart abandonment rates is crucial for any halal online retailer, regardless of its size. We can assist you in creating a better customer experience that increases conversion rates.

PayHalal Halal verified site badge

PAYHALAL recommendations can help instill confidence in your customers by showing them that you have credibility. These programs usually involve an application process and a review of your site before getting a trust badge.

This is a dedicated program for online merchants and offline merchants , which allows them to display a PAYHALAL verified Badge , which certifies that PAYHALAL certifies that your site is trustworthy and compliant to shariah standards . To obtain the PAYHALAL badge, you must register on the PAYHALAL Merchant Center. PAYHALAL will analyze your site and carry out compliance audits to provide you the PAYHALAL Verified Badge .

Getting PayHalal verified trust badges may require additional effort and time, but the benefits they bring are significant as they can amplify conversions to your digital store. To comprehend their significance, consider yourself as a customer: when browsing an unfamiliar e-commerce platform, you are more prone to purchase a product if it has excellent ratings than if there are no ratings. This analogy applies to your digital store as well. When consumers know that you are a PAYHALAL verified merchant and have a high customer satisfaction rate, they are more likely to purchase from you.


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