PAYments made HALAL

Safest , simplest shariah compliant 3in1 payment platform

1. PayHalal (Souqa Fintech)is a payment platform– that’s a Bank Negara regulated merchant acquirer that provides buyers with a safe, secure environment to make payments and to receive and settle merchants payments automatically. PayHalal merchant network see a consistent repeat customer when a merchant displays PayHalal Verified Merchant logo on its website or store front.

2. PayHalal Payment platform is also a shariah compliant payment processor that carries out an end to end payment transactions according to Islamic rule and purifies any shariah non compliant payment transactions to ensure there’s No Riba , No Gharar and No Maisir ultimately providing your consumers added surety that all transactions are shariah compliant.

3. PayHalal Payment platform serves as as payment gateway providing virtual payment terminal to enable consumers to check out their purchases and make secure payments. Payhalal provides efficient quick payment transactions without lagging under 2 seconds and minimising cart abandonment and increasing your sales success. Receive payments from multi channels and methods to improve your cash flows and give your business better visibility . Below are just some of the value-added features PayHalal offers:

Recurring Payments

– PayHalal Payment Automation collects payments seamlessly on regular cycle on fixed a schedule via credit/debit card for a predefined amount. PayHalal Recurring Payment is a great solution for subscription based businesses anything from membership and tuition fees, rentals, apps subscriptions etc. PayHalal recurring payment reduces repetitive mundane task simply automating it with a smart forms that’s simple hassle free for your customers to fill up . PayHalal Recurring Payment will send you notifications every time a payment received.

• Merchant Split Settlement

You’re able to seamlessly share your sales profits or commissions with your sales team effortlessly , automatically in real time; dropship business made simple .

• Merchant Dashboard

robust web View dashboard listing out transaction details, shopper insights, keep track of settlement, manage product shipping, generate reports and more – all in one dashboard .

• Autonomous Merchant Settlement

Your settlement will be credited to your registered bank account automatically, no request needed, T + 2 the fastest settlement in Malaysia .

• LinkPayments

Sell and Receive payments without e-commerce website – with PayHalal Wakalah payment link. You can also use this single payment link for multiple products, and share the product catalog directly from your blog, social media, Whatsapp and generate sales revenue .

• Mass Batch Payments

Send multiple payments in one batch. A fast and convenience way to send commissions, rebates, rewards, disbursement, refund and general payments to your agents or customers. PayHalal Batch payment process is simple with ; upload the excel file to your merchants’ dashboard and payments will be disbursed

Market Segmentation covered

By Device

• Smartphones and Wearables

• Point-of-Sales Terminals

• Smart Cards

By Solution

• e-commerce payment

• Payment Terminal Solution (Q2 2023)

• Transaction Management

• Security and Fraud Management

• Shariah Rule base Payment system

• Hosted Point-of-Sales

• Analytics

By Application

• Retail

• Transportation

• Healthcare

• Food service

• Hospitality

• Government

• Islamic Institutions

By Country

• Malaysia

• Indonesia

• Brunei


• Qatar

• United Kingdom

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