PayHalal SaaS offering Shariah compliant billing and payments for businesses

PayHalal provides a suite of products to help you collect recurring payments from global users and support any pricing model with ease. Companies like Zurich Takaful, PPZ MAIWP, and Selangkah work with us to move fast and scale globally.

PayHalal future of Shariah Compliant SaaS payments

We can help build your business to be ready for today, tomorrow and beyond, by making Shariah Compliant SaaS payment processing easier, quicker and more secure. Today’s fast-moving Islamic Software as a Service (SaaS) industry needs a payments processor that can keep up. A Shariah compliant payments solution that empowers Islamic instuitions, businesses to confidently accept and process payments across markets, services and customers.

Payments made ethical

Our shariah compliant solutions let you process more payments faster and retain more value while you’re doing it. And you can accept and process all your payments in one place without RIBA (usury) and Gharar ( uncertainty/ risk).

Your payments, the Islamic way

You can customize everything using our modular solutions and different integration types. It allows your business to operate however is best for you. And with instant, transparent data into your shariah compliant SaaS payment processing, you can see how well you’re performing according to your faith.


Our ethical -built Shariah Compliant SaaS payments platform API only needs setting up once. Then you can unlock all of its innovative features and payment methods forever. The PayHalal API SaaS payment facilitation solutions give you faster , safer payment processing speeds, more data and a smoother customer experience with added surety.

Hijrah A Global reach

With our Shariah Compliant SaaS global acquiring solutions, and Issuing payment Solutions . Our diverse payment options allow your customers to use all major global and local payment methods, including digital wallets and domestic cards with a surety of Transaction purification with PayHalal’ proprietary SNC Treatment AI (Shariah Non Compliance )

Manage risk your way

You can set your own rules for how your payments are processed and the criteria for how they should be routed. Plus, you can finetune your fraud protection by creating bespoke blacklists to compare and identify suspicious behavior.

Real-time regulations compliance

Future-proof your SaaS business with our compliance solutions that stay up-to-date with all new payments rules and regulations. Our 3D secure Solution automatically handles compliance so you don’t have to.

Want to learn more about our PayHalal SaaS Shariah Compliant payment solutions?

Adapt, innovate and thrive with more value from every transaction flowing through your business.

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