PayHalalMerchants Verified Enjoys 4.5 X Higher sales transactions from Muslim Shoppers.

Verified by PayHalal Merchant Best Practices

Verified by PayHalal program is designed to help to verify the identity online halal , Islamic merchants in real time, to provide added surety for Muslim shoppers when they shop with a PayHalal verified Merchant , this is extended to the protection of shoppers personal password or other identity data.

Verified by PayHalal provides our Merchants customers an extra level of surety and security so they can shop for halal goods and Islamic services online without was-was (confidence).

The necessity of online shopping for Muslims is growing in every country. Now with Verified by PayHalal, your Muslim customers’ trust in your halal business and secure wakalah checkout process can increase your off take volume .

It’s a service offered exclusively to PayHalal’s halal , Islamic merchants and it’s a proprietary service that is not available with any other payment gateways.

Verified by PayHalal Merchant Branding can help you to achieve your sales goal

To help guide your shoppers through the Verified by PayHalal authentication process, it’s important to employ these best practices:

√ Verified by PayHalal Merchant Symbol –

creates Muslim consumer preference to buy at your online store.

√ Verified by PayHalal pre-messaging –

educates your Muslim shoppers and raises their trust level with Verified by PayHalal.

√ Verified by PayHalal authentication messaging –

helps prepare your Muslim shoppers for the Verified by PayHalal authentication process.

√ Verified by PayHalal authentication page – a professional page enhances Muslim shoppers confidence.

More and more Muslim consumers are becoming halal conscious and familiar with Verified by PayHalal and how it protects them when making an online purchase. Muslim shoppers may now look for the Verified by PayHalal Merchant Symbol on online sites and have more confidence buying halal goods and services from Verified by PayHalal merchants.

Why Halal goods and Income is important to Muslims how it effects their lives and how it will improve the cash flow of a PayHalal Verified Merchants.

For a Muslim halal and haram is very clear so those merchants supplying to Muslims should observe the following or they will loose the trust of their Muslim shoppers. Muslims observe the following:

✔️Earn Halal.

✔️Eat Halal.

✔️Drink Halal.

✔️Sell Halal.

✔️Buy Halal.

✔️Deal Halal.

Eating from haraam earnings is a sin,

The Prophet ﷺ Warned!

“No flesh grows that was nourished by that which is unlawful but the Fire is more appropriate for it.”  At-Tirmidhi (558)

The Prophet ﷺ Said : haraam earnings is one of the things that prevent du‘aa’s and righteous deeds from being accepted.

Muslim (1686)

“O people, verily Allah is Good and does not accept anything but that which is good. Allah has enjoined upon the believers that which He enjoined up on the Messengers, as He says: ‘O messengers, eat from the good foods and work righteousness. Indeed, I, of what you do, am Knowing’ [Qur’an 23:51] 

”O you who have believed, eat from the good things (Halal) which We have provided for you’ [Qur’an 2:172].

The Prophet ﷺ Said: ”Allah never rejects the Dua of a traveler.”

Then he mentioned a man who has travelled on a long journey and is dishevelled and covered with dust; he stretches forth his hands to the heaven, (saying) “O Lord, O Lord”, but his food is haraam (from haraam earnings), his drink is haraam, his clothing is haraam, he grew up nourished from haraam earning, so how can his du’aa’ be accepted?” Muslim (1686)

Therefore it is an advantage to visually display Verified by PayHalal seal by making simple, visual adjustments to your site pages, you can assure your Muslim shoppers about your halal Verified status and commitment .

The Verified by PayHalal Merchant Symbol communicates that a merchant participates in Verified by PayHalal, is guaranteed halal and shariah compliant this provides Muslim customers the added surety to do business with a Verified by PayHalal-enabled merchant.

Muslim Consumers may be influenced to buy on a merchant site that is Verified by PayHalal-enabled rather than one that is not. Verified by PayHalal can contribute to increased sales and increased market share for a merchants in the halal space .

Participating merchants are required to place the Verified by PayHalal “Learn More” Merchant Symbol on the checkout page on which shoppers enter their card ,online banking or eWallet account number .

The messaging also provides a further halal verification and surety to the Muslim shoppers , beyond the presence of the Verified by PayHalal logo on your site that indicates you are a halal and shariah compliant merchant.

For further information on verified by PayHalal write to

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