PayHalal‘s Islamic Digital Economic Accelerator To Bring The Islamic World Together

PayHalal is becoming the global standard for Islamic Fintech. Mass adoption of Islamic e-Commerce payment gateways is flourishing in the Islamic financial sector and with governmental support to expand the digitalisation of the Islamic economy, an ecosystem is being carved out for Shariah Compliant Fintech to flourish.
Indication for Malaysia’s rising demand PayHalal a pioneer in Islamic payment gateway and Islamic payment switch to e-commerce and payment as a service platform, which started operations in Kuala Lumpur 2016.
The move was driven by the country’s strategic positioning in the global halal centre of excellence and Islamic finance champion. PayHalal is now independently driving Malaysia as a leading Islamic Fintech destination.
The Muslim demographics is the world’s fastest-growing equally driven by the rapid adoption of contactless payment technology. The ASEAN region home to over a quarter of a billion Muslims. PayHalal Malaysia and Indonesia sees 80 million Muslims using its services in the next 3 years.
PayHalal is expecting to champion the Islamic merchant acquiring and regulations keeping pace with global digital merchant payment solutions developments.
Demand for Shariah-compliant financial services has surged worldwide over the past decade, with the sector valued at $2.4 trillion, and forecast to reach $3.8 trillion 2021.
PayHalal as an Islamic fintech is confident to take advantage of the growth of Islamic financial services globally. The world’s first Shariah-compliant payment gateway; Payhalal is a fundamental service to complete the entire Islamic Fintech ecosystem.
PayHalal blockbuster Shariah-compliant solutions include shariah risk technology to eliminate Shariah Non-Compliant (SNC) transactions and smart Aqad (contracts).
PayHalal was the first to develop Wakalah E-wallets and it is in the process of application for E-Money approval from BNM (Central Bank Malaysia). With a Wakalah E-Wallet approval, Payhalal would be able to complete the acquiring and issuing ecosystem.
We believe PayHalal as Islamic Fintech doing a fundamental obligatory service to Muslim community worldwide and this done by established Shariah covenants and contracts to ensure Muslims are able to fulfil the halal requirements by the faith without fear and uncertainty.
PayHalal’s goal is to be able to serve at least 30% of underserved and unserved Muslims around the world.
For us at growth at PayHalal this is the true growth.

Shariah compliant Merchant Payment Solution Complete With Halal Cart and Shariah Compliant Check Out with Smart Aqad (contract)

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PayHalal Islamic Payment Gateway

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