PayHalal World’s First Islamic E Payment Gateway

PayHalal Payment Gateway Explained

What is a payment gateway and what is its role in ecommerce?

PayHalal is a Islamic payment gateway for the Islamic ecommerce service that processes payments from CASA e Money Debit and credit payments for online and traditional brick and mortar stores.

PayHalalPayment gateways facilitate these transactions by transferring key information between payment portals such as web-enabled mobile devices/websites and the front end processor/bank.

PayHalal Payment Gateway fulfill a vital role in the Islamic ecommerce transaction process, authorizing the payment between merchant and customer.

PayHalal payment data processor analyzes and transmits transaction data. PayHalal Payment gateways authorizes the transfer of funds between buyers and sellers.

How PayHalal payment gateways work

When a customer places an order from an online Islamic store, PayHalal performs several tasks to finalize the transaction:

• Encryption: The web browser encrypts the data to be sent between it and the vendor’s web server. The gateway then sends the transaction data to the payment processor utilized by the vendor’s acquiring bank.

• Authorization Request: The payment processor sends the transaction data to a card association. The credit card’s issuing bank views the authorization request and “approves” or “denies.”

• Filling the Order: The processor then forwards an authorization pertaining to the merchant and consumer to the payment gateway. Once the gateway obtains this response, it transmits it to the website/interface to carry out the transaction . Here, it is interpreted and an appropriate response is generated. This seemingly complicated and lengthy process typically takes only a few seconds at most. At this point, the merchant fills the order.

Clearing Transactions

The steps outlined above are repeated in an effort to “clear” the authorization via a consummation of the transaction. However, the clearing is only triggered once the merchant has actually completed the transaction . The issuing bank changes the “auth-hold” to a debit, allowing a “settlement” with the vendor’s acquiring bank. The processor is then relied upon to settle all of the vendor’s approved authorizations with the acquiring bank at the end of the day.

Other PayHalal Payment Gateway Functions

PayHalal also screen orders with a myriad of helpful tools. This screening process filters out as much non halal and fraud as possible. Examples of gateway fraud detection tools include:

• Delivery address verification

• AVS checks

• Computer finger printing technology,

• Velocity pattern analysis

• Identity morphing detection

• Geolocation

PayHalal Payment gateways even calculates tax amount to authorize requests transmitted to the processor.

PayHalal is the leading halal E-Payment Solutions for Halal ecommerce platform for growing and mid-market Islamic retailers.

PayHalal Tax Solutions Platform

Paying your taxes isn’t what any entrepreneur dreams of when starting a business.

• You don’t think about the spreadsheets and the constant state updates.

• You don’t think about how to charge sales tax, when, where, why and on which products.

That’s because taxes are just the cost of doing business.

Sadly, doing them incorrectly (and definitely not doing them at all) can cost you your business.

So, to make sure you are zipped up on everything you need to know to pay the right amount, charge the right amount and do it all in accordance with state and national laws, we’ve put together a comprehensive resource you can bookmark for future reference.

What’s in the Ecommerce Tax Guide:

• The basics of GST including when you need to collect based on Malaysian Law.

• How to register for a sales tax permit (and what could happen if you don’t).

• The difference between origin and destination-based sales tax sourcing.

• The true definition ofGST and what it means for your business.

• How to file regularly and on-time, without taking focus from growing your sales.

• How file tax

• Where Amazon has fulfillment centers (and what that means for sellers).

• How to collect sales tax on E market and set up tax codes

• How to report sales tax collected from E market

• When you need to pay business tax with a calendar you can keep.

The PayHalal Benefits of GST Automation

PayHalal automatically configures sales tax if your business does not have any special tax needs.

Malaysian merchants use automatic GST calculator that determines GST rates during checkout based on a standard tax rate for states in which these businesses are required to collect sales tax.

And for merchants who require any special GST exemptions, PayHalal has partnered closely with Customs to streamline the tax collection process by integrating with their automation software.

It uses real-time tax rate calculations and calculates sales tax via geo-spatial mapping, ensuring accurate results every time.

Businesses without their own accounting departments, i.e. most folks in the process of building a sustainable, long-term venture, cannot afford the time cost in keeping track of compliance across jurisdictions.

While this guide will walk you through everything you need to know and cover any “Gotchas” in ecommerce tax, it is much more efficient to use automation instead.

This is especially useful when it is tax time.

Here’s how it works with PayHalal GST automation software when needing to file your business taxes.

1. Enable document submission:

Available within “Tax Options” in the PayHalal “Store Setup”. This feature ensures completed invoices and credits are recorded in Avalara and populate sales tax reports to help you reconcile and file returns.

2. GST settings:

Login to PayHalal GST Platform to ensure you have enabled the proper tax settings for your Berkart store. Most importantly, identify where you’re registered so PayHalal knows to apply sales tax on all orders shipped within your jurisdictions.

3. Filing tax returns:

Don’t forget that you must file a sales tax return and remit all tax collected on a regular cadence for each jurisdiction. You can do that by either:

• Accessing free tax report from your account to reconcile and file yourself

• Enabling PayHalal automated tax return services and put your tax filings

We’re on a mission to provide businesses like yours marketing and sales tips, tricks and industry leading knowledge to build the next house-hold name brand.

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